A Ray of Happiness

Our lives are stressful in these ever-changing times. Catalyst wants to bring some extra happiness to your lives with our newsletter! In each newsletter, we will share a picture and short description submitted by a Catalyst member who has done something fun or exciting! If you would like to submit a photo and description, please use this form.

“I just got a new puppy named Olive, and she loves to nap all cuddled up with her giraffe toy! She sleeps with her giraffe at night, and it is her favorite toy to squeak and play with during the day.”
– Kaylee Helfrich

“This fall I celebrated 10 years of being vegetarian by making one of my favorite vegetarian dishes: ratatouille. It can be made in much simpler forms, but cutting the eggplant, zucchini, squash, and tomatoes thinly allows you to make the dish into a work of art.” 
– Victoria Yell

“Taking my son to the annual Touch-A-Truck event in concord!”
 – Tracey He

“I visited my parents back home in southern Utah a while back; we were avoiding national parks due to the pandemic and crowds, but the much-less-visited Red Canyon near Bryce was a gorgeous area to hike through on a nice morning! I took this panorama at the highest point on the trail.”
 – Kendra Nelson

Catalyst member Kaylee Helfrich recently hiked to the top of Table Rock in South Carolina, a 7-mile hike with a 1.5 mile change in elevation. The views from the top were gorgeous! Watching butterflies and hawks fly from the top of the mountain was the highlight of her week.